Joyful Moment #2

Today’s joyful moment came early in the morning.  While working with my youngest on long division (which always made me cry at her age), she looked at me and said, “Thanks, mom.  I’m glad you’re my teacher.”

Family means so much to me.  My family means the world to me, but consider what the word “family” means–this should be important to everyone.  I’m not interested in how Webster defines the word.  I’m going to tell you the definition according to Carol.

Family (n) A group of blood-related people who love, honor, support, and respect each other.  A place where no one is belittled and everyone is trusted.  May also extend to non-blood-related persons who form a closely-knit group embodying the characteristics listed above.

Thankfully–blessedly–I have a family that fits the definition above.  My parents, sister, husband, brothers-in-law, niece, nephews, and children all embody the description.  This brings me true joy.  I recognize that not every family can say the same, and my heart breaks for them.

Yesterday, a friend called to share some good news.  I rejoiced with her.  With a heavy heart, though, she expressed in one breath that she was thankful she could share the news with me but sorrowful as she cannot do so with her own family.  I can only pray that God will work in the hearts of her family that they may all one day have the same joyful unity I have in mine.

As a child, I sat on the couch at home struggling with math homework.  Long division, fractions, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry were beyond me.  My father–the man with the master’s degree in engineering, the man who served as chief engineer on the design of the USAF AWACS plane, the man who clearly understood everything about math–sat along side of me. Patiently, he helped me learn.  Only once do I recall him lowering his head, sighing, and asking, “Why don’t you get this?”  Yet he pressed on toward the goal, helping me “get it” enough to pass each test.

If I never said so before…thanks, Dad.  You & mom have supported me through far more than numeric equations.  For all of those moments on the couch when you patiently worked through problem after problem, you have both been a Godly example of how family works together, loves one another.

All of those lessons and tears shed were not in vain.  The word family will always fill my heart to overflowing.



About Carol R. Fielding

I'm a happily married wife and home schooling mom of three amazing daughters. I am a freelance writer and have been published in various books over the past fifteen years. My most recent freelance job was "Extreme Bible Facts," a book for kids, and was published by Worthy Publishing and released in December, 2011, exclusively in Walmart stores. Currently, I write for The Corry Journal, the newspaper for the Corry, Pennsylvania, area.
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One Response to Joyful Moment #2

  1. lindaktaylor says:

    Ha! I bet dad thought when he got ME through long division that maybe the next time around the next daughter might not be so dense . . . guess that wasn’t the case. He was patient with me too, a testament to his character. I think we totally have the best parents EVER!

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