Election: D-Day

Here we are in late afternoon on election day, November 8, 2016.

Over the past 10 months of this election I have ben dismayed to watch people argue on Facebook and block each other. This election season (which began almost two years ago) has run the gamut from passive-aggressive behavior to outright fist fights.

The candidates have both lied and told the truth. News outlets behaved more like piranha every day when all I wanted was objective reporting of the facts. The candidates spent their debates attacking and defending rather than laying out plans for the future. Much of what has occurred has been baffling at best and infuriating at worst. Overall, I am disappointed in the attitudes of the general populace.

Forty years ago it was considered rude to ask someone who they voted for in any election. Unless you were a politician yourself, it was considered crass to give your opinion or tell someone which candidate you supported. Two things that weren’t discussed in social settings: religion and politics. It just wasn’t done.

Not anymore.

I think I’ve been pretty tame on Facebook as far as political posts are concerned. However, this morning following my visit to the local polling place, I changed my Facebook profile picture to that of my candidates: Trump/Pence. This resulted in an almost immediate de-friending by someone vehemently anti-Trump. From prior posts on her page, I knew she was not a fan of The Donald. Around a third of my Facebook friends and friends in real life are not fans of him. But we agreed to disagree. We agreed to cast our vote and let election day play out. With the exception of this one person, which saddened me.

Here we are on the cusp of an historic election. So much at stake. So many hopes and dreams. Yet no matter who comes out victorious this evening, the sun will still rise on November 9. The earth will continue to rotate around the sun. The universe will continue to spin through time and space.

So, in light of that knowledge, can’t we all just get along?


About Carol R. Fielding

I'm a happily married wife and home schooling mom of three amazing daughters. I am a freelance writer and have been published in various books over the past fifteen years. My most recent freelance job was "Extreme Bible Facts," a book for kids, and was published by Worthy Publishing and released in December, 2011, exclusively in Walmart stores. Currently, I write for The Corry Journal, the newspaper for the Corry, Pennsylvania, area.
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