Living the Gospel Life

Living the Gospel Life

I wrote daily devotionals regularly for this quarterly devotional which is available in churches and by subscription.

Heaven Calling

Worthy Publishing


I was one of 14 writers on this daily devotional project.

Take My Heart, Oh God

Worthy Publishing


I was one of 21 writers on this daily devotional project.

The Spirit Calling

Worthy Publishing

September 3, 2012

I was one of 23 writers on this daily devotional project.

Extreme Bible Facts: Incredible, Outrageous, Surprising, Wild but True

Worthy Publishing

July 2012

I was one of 12 writers on this project. Specifically, I wrote the nine articles in the chapter titled, “Miscellaneous Munchies,” ten articles in the chapter titled, “Creepy Places,” and 15 articles in the chapter titled, “Special Effects.”

The Household Menu and Coupon Organizer
I was one of 8 authors on this book which promoted healthy eating and living as well as frugal shopping.

Jesus Calling

Thomas Nelson


I was on the project staff of this Devotional Bible (my name is found on the copyright page in the Project Staff of the Livingstone Corporation credits). My job was to write some of the devotionals that are interspersed throughout the Scriptures.

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Worthy Publishing


I was one of 17 writers on this project of 120 daily devotionals.

Quiet Reflections of Hope



I was one of 17 writers on this project of 120 daily devotionals.

Howard Books (a division of Simon & Schuster)


I was one of three authors on this book project.

From the press release:

Discover a new approach to Scripture with this imaginative way of looking at things that are right in front of us, all while delving deep into biblical truths.

There are many ways to learn about the Bible, even if it seems to be totally familiar to us. It is, in fact, full of so many little known, interesting stories like the ones that rivet today’s audiences — full of intrigue and surprising changes of character.

Broken up into individual sections, such as “Freaks and Geeks,” “Dashers and Vixens,” “Big Shots and Mug Shots,” “Leaders and Laborers,” and “Prophets and Losses,” it can be read a bit at a time. Saints & Scoundrels of the Bible reveals many of the little-known facts about Scripture in an entertaining and informative manner, so the reader will be fascinated and constantly saying, “I didn’t know that!”

With chapters such as “The Trickster Trailed,” “The Perils of Paul,” “Tempting Tamar,” “A Greedy Grandmother,” and “The Deadly Dance,” readers will turn each page to find out what happens next in these captivating tales. This clever new way of reading Scripture puts a light-hearted twist on old stories, all while drawing the reader closer to God’s truth. There is nothing old or boring in this creative approach to learning about the Bible.

Along the Way

Meredith Books


I was one of many authors who contributed an inspirational story to this collection. My story appears as Chapter 30: “Courtroom Drama.”

Humor for a Teacher’s Heart

Howard Publishing

June 1, 2004

I was one of many contributing authors to this compilation of humorous stories from the lives of teachers. My story, “The Bug in the Basement,” appears on page 109; my bio appears on page 178.

Change My Heart, Oh God

Integrity Publishers


I am the single author on this project. Because it was a project contracted to Integrity Publishers, my name is not on the cover. However, it appears at the top of the copyright page.

From the press release:

Daily Devotionals from the greatest praise and worship songs of all time. These are the songs that usher worshipers into the throne room of heaven. now listeners can bring each song’s message into their personal quiet time with God. Each two-page devotional includes song lyrics, inspirational thoughts, selected passages of Scripture and a recommended topic for prayer.

The Soul Care Bible

Thomas Nelson


On page viii, prior to the introduction page, my name appears as one of the “Writers.” My job on this project was to write “Key Passages” and “Soul Notes” which are found interspersed throughout the Scriptures.

Barbour Publishing

December 1, 1999

I was one of 7 authors on this project. I wrote the section on the toddler years.


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